Christy Steffen Leave the Chalk Behind

Plan a Flawless Rollout and End of Year Collection

Presentation overview from the iPad Summit Boston 2014: With two years of experience, this session will provide you with a plan for distributing 2600 iPads and training the students who received them. In our first year, Apple employees said, “This is one of the best Read More

Creating an Engaged Classroom

Resources: InfuseLearning Nearpod Socrative for Teachers Socrative for Students   Here is the presentation from EVSC eRevolution eLearning Conference 2014.

Why Blogging?

The internet has made everyone into a writer. I do not claim to be a “writer” but I do blog (occasionally). There are many different reasons to blog and an infinite number of topics. I blog to share what I’m doing professionally; to help me Read More

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