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Top 5 FREE iPad Apps in the Math Classroom

5. Quick Graph This allows students to create graphs. They can take a picture of the graph and use it in other apps. This app has helped my students explore slope and y-intercept. Although it does higher level 3-dimensional graphing it doesn’t have inequalities in the free version. This is a free app but in order to display it through the projector you must upgrade to the $1.99 version.

4. A Better Calculator is not an app at all but an awesome HTML 5 web page for graphing lines, inequalities, and many more. What is amazing about this tool, other than it’s awesome graphing power and ease of use, is that I didn’t have to wait for the tech team to do an update and add the app. If you create an account you can save the graphs and email them if needed.

3. smartNote is best used by students who have their own device. It is a very powerful app that organizes all notes and assignments. Using Dropbox, you can download pdf’s and write or type directly on them. You can send pages or entire notebooks by email or upload them back to dropbox. I would not recommend this app on a class set of iPads. The developers provide amazing support. I have emailed them on several occasions and have received prompt and sufficient feedback.

2. ShowMe is not only a note taking app but as you are taking the notes you can record your voice. You can take a picture and insert it in the note. By creating a free account, an email will be sent to you with a link to the recording. When a question is asked in class I can instantly record my explanation. Then I post the link to my website in case others want to revisit the explanation. Click for example To evaluate my students’ understanding of a topic, I have had them record their own explanation and send it to me. I increased their motivation by promising to post the best explanations on my website. Student example

1. Evernote and Skitch are vital for class sets of iPads as wells as personal devices. Students can easily type notes and save them to their personal account for access on any other device. Skitch is a product created by Evernote and links directly to the same account. Skitch allows you to insert pictures and draw on them or write out math problems.

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