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Autism Society of Indiana

In education, the awards are few and far between. This past Saturday I was honored with the Excellence in Education Award from the Autism Society of Indiana. In this post, I want to bring awareness of ASI to the greater community. I also needed more time to process and include all those I should thank for this amazing honor.

The Autism Society of Indiana is an awesome organization that helps ALL people affected by Autism. The lessons these people have learned and shared are valuable not just to those affected by Autism but to anyone who has children or works with them. Their strength and wisdom is awe inspiring. I encourage everyone to visit their website (linked above) and learn a little more about their organization. Meeting everyone at the benefit was a special moment for me.

Even after two days, I cannot put into word the appreciation I have for the family that nominated me. Many teachers do what I do on a daily basis but few are recognized or openly appreciated by the families and students they educate. These students help me to be a better teacher everyday. We work together with everyone putting in equal effort to make this a successful time for these students. I approach every parent with the sensitivity that they only want what is best for their child. Sometimes we may differ on what that looks like and we must come to an agreement that we can agree is best for the student.

I truly believe I would not be able to help my students to the best of my abilities if I did not have teachers and administrators who believe in what I do. I can confidently ask teachers to do things they have never done before because I can point them to teachers in our school who have tried it and been successful. The teachers and administrators at Noblesville High School truly strive to do what is best for each child in our school.

Finally, I need to thank my family (and it’s a big one). I would not be the person I am today without their love, support and guidance. I have learned more from them than any book or professor could attempt. I have learned what it’s like to be the parent of a child with a disability because my parents adopted a child that no one thought would graduate from high school. Not only did he do that but he is working on an Associates Degree and at last check had a 4.0 in his college courses. I also have cousins raising children with disabilities and see the exhausting effort they put in daily to make the lives of their children better. My job is easy, the hard work is done by the parents. By remembering that everyone wants what they think is best for the child, we can achieve great things.


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  1. Chrissy,
    You are very deserving of this honor, and I am sure that you’ve impacted many more people than you realize!

    We are proud to have you as a part of the ASI family! Thank YOU for being so excellent. You truly are a piece of the puzzle!

    Dana Renay
    Executive Director, Chief Executive Ally
    Autism Society of Indiana

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