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Why Blogging?

The internet has made everyone into a writer. I do not claim to be a “writer” but I do blog (occasionally). There are many different reasons to blog and an infinite number of topics. I blog to share what I’m doing professionally; to help me reflect on what I do; and to provide my own thoughts on uses for technology in the classroom with others.

Following bloggers has grown my personal learning network tremendously. I follow specific blogs by subscribing to their blog. By “subscribing,” I receive an email notification when they have posted something new. I also read a lot of blogs using Zite as a curator for my interests. Blogs provide ideas for classroom activities as well as insight into the hot button topics in education.

Here are a few of the blogs I follow:

Will Richardson

Diane Ravitch

Education Rethink (by John T. Spencer)

Powerful Learning Practice

The Playground Advocate

#INeLearn Chat Blog

eLearning Pulse

Getting Schooled (by Dr. Stacey Schmidt)

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