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Barbie Bungee Fun with Graphing

First project of the year had its ups and downs, with the downs springing back up. After looking at my student data for the Algebra 1 ECA (Indiana Graduate Qualifying Exam), I determined that interpreting graphs was an extremely weak area for all the students Read More

When is a hybrid vehicle the right one to buy?

According to Mr. Wiese (from our Skype), hybrid vehicles are selling fast. But, are they always the “right” buy? Mr. Wiese explained that buying a vehicle is always a personal choice but I, as a math-minded person, wanted to know the numbers. Since my students Read More

Skype in the Classroom

I have followed @SkypeClassroom for a while. @SkypeClassroom have had some really interesting suggestions for using Skype in the classroom, but nothing I felt I “needed” to do to better educate my students. I always plan my lessons then see how the technology can support Read More

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