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My Passion

I have always loved technology. I remember my mom bringing home a Commodore 64 for my brothers and me to use during the summers (she is also a teacher). I am probably in the minority of women who love it when their husband buys them technology as a gift. My husband is always buying me the newest gadget! I currently have (and use daily) an HP Touchpad, Kindle Fire, iPhone 5, an iPad(4th generation), an iPad mini, and a MacBook Pro.

Just loving technology isn’t a reason to put it in the classroom. I have two young children, ages four and five. My children cannot keep their hands off the technology. My daughter, at age three, began to recognize that words in a book read left to right because of the amazing Dr. Suess ebooks created by Oceanhouse Media. My children will be in high school in nine short years. We have to change the way we teach because children do not need the same things we needed when we entered high school. My passion is to bring 21st century skills into the classroom with the support of technology.

Before becoming the Technology Instructional Coach, I taught high school students with special needs (Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and Emotional Disabilities to name a few) who are on track to graduate high school with a diploma. The new technology has the ability to level the playing field. I still have students hesitant to use it because they don’t want to appear different. My school is going one-to-one so that embarrassment will no longer be an obstacle.

I have been fortunate that my school administrators value technology and have afforded me many opportunities to use it in my classroom. I currently have an iPad 2 mobile lab, PC laptop mobile lab, and apple TV connected to a projector. The use of technology in my classroom is the basis for this blog. I hope to spread the great ways technology can make teachers’ lives easier and bring the joy of school to kids who haven’t had much academic joy.


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