Christy Steffen Leave the Chalk Behind

Growing Your PLN Through Twitter

“Why Twitter?” is a question teachers often ask. I will attempt to answer why I use twitter in a short and sweet post. Teachers (or administrators) don’t have time to do everything they would like to do so they need a good reason for something Read More

Homework, Fun and Relevant?

A simple Google Scholar search for “homework” returns 411,000 articles. It is a debatable topic to say the least. As a high school resource teacher, I struggled with my feelings toward homework. Half of every resource period was dedicated to helping students with disabilities complete Read More

On the Other Side of the Table

Today my husband and I attended my daughter’s Pre-K parent teacher conference. As an educator I know what it’s like to be the bearer of good news and bad. As a parent, I am a novice. At my daughter’s first conference a year and a Read More

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