Christy Steffen Leave the Chalk Behind

Nearpod Presentation App

Through the wonderful world of Twitter, I stumbled upon a new app, Nearpod. The best part of this app is something I did not expect at all, but first let me explain a little about the powers of this app. This is a presentation app Read More

Autism Society of Indiana

In education, the awards are few and far between. This past Saturday I was honored with the Excellence in Education Award from the Autism Society of Indiana. In this post, I want to bring awareness of ASI to the greater community. I also needed more Read More

Barbie Bungee Fun with Graphing

First project of the year had its ups and downs, with the downs springing back up. After looking at my student data for the Algebra 1 ECA (Indiana Graduate Qualifying Exam), I determined that interpreting graphs was an extremely weak area for all the students Read More

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